Today's economy has resulted in more challenges than ever before, straining many organisations infrastructure and resources thereby increasing cost of running and operational inefficiency as a result, eroding profit margin.Research has indicated that most private schools are being declared bankrupt, 99.9% as a result of bad debts. Enough! We can't continue at this rate, working like elephants and eating like ants but the good news is that Integrated Schools Check is here to rescue schools from collapsing.

  • One of the objectives of this software is to provide you details of individuals seeking admission or employment into your organisation to help shape your decisions. The Integrated Schools Check software gives you access to conduct background checks, hence, preventing your organisation from students migrating from schools to schools with acrued debts and employees with bad record.
  • Professional pre-debt and debt managers have become urgent priorities for most schools. Integrated Schools Check is a pre-debt and debt management software. Our experience in providing innovative solutions to meet our client's needs while keeping their clients best interests in mind is unmatchable.
  • Another unique objective of the largest information gathering software is to integrate schools data collection and sharing on employees and students.

Your privacy has been put into consideration, any information you log on the website will be personalized to your school.

In conclusion, it becomes imperative that we work together to bring this menace to a stop.


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